WAG Daycare


Our Behaviour Experts have developed a healthy, balanced day program for our Daycare Dogs.


Daycare is about more that just crazy antics and fun social time - it’s about learning how to share, rest, play, and be a good dog. We love our furry daycare friends and want to help them become the best dogs they can be. With regular exercise of both the mind and body, owners will find their dogs are more controlled, composed, and generally well-adjusted. WAG Daycare dogs will experience a balanced day cycling through rest, play, pee and walk. We will be focusing on appropriate manners and will include normal home routines like wiping our feet when coming in from outside and sitting nicely for treats. Our daycare is designed to accommodate all sizes and energy levels by allowing us to separate the room into three physical sections.


Our daycare dogs will typically be walked two at a time unless otherwise requested or discussed. When resting, our daycare dogs will be tethered and will rest on their blankies from home and be given a chew article (supplied by owners). Please ensure you provide a chew article you are comfortable leaving unattended with your dog. Dogs will only be left unattended for short periods while other dogs are being walked.


We are very excited about these awesome changes and welcome you to direct any questions you may have to nicole@wagottawa.com.

Open Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm

Full Day & Half Day Rates


Early drop-off and late pickup also available for an additional charge